Application Terms Agreement

I agree that any omission, misrepresentation, or falsification by me in this application or any other documents submitted to the Company is grounds for the Company to refuse to hire me, if I do not submit to and pass a medical examination by a healthcare professional of the Company’s choosing. I understand that if I am conditionally offered employment such offer may be revoked if I do not submit passage from test. I agree to cooperate fully with any such examination and/or tests. I understand the background check may be required to verify my criminal, employment, education, and or credit history. I agree to sign any documents necessary to authorize such inquiries, and understand hiring and employment are subject to such cooperation.

I authorize my former employers and other individuals to give the Company information concerning my employment, and I release my former employers from any liability whatsoever for providing such information.

I understand that, if I’m hired, my employment will with the Company will be “at will” and the Company will be free to terminate the employment relationship at any time without notice and without cost. I understand this “at will” employment relationship can never be changed except by and express written agreement signed by the Company’s president.

I understand that this application is valid for only 60 calendar days and I must complete and submit a new application if the Company has not offered me employment within 60 days and I wish to be considered for employment.

I agree that any claim, charge, cause of action or other allegations (collectively, “claims”) that I may ever have against the Company and or any agent or employee of the Company is in connection with my application for employment, my employment (if hired) or termination of my employment shall be forever barred, waived, and released if I do not file such claim with an Appropriate Court, Ministry of agency, or arbitral body within (1) one year following the event giving rise to the claim (or such shorter period as may be provided by law). I hereby waive any longer statutes of limitation. I understand this limitation and waiver applies to every claim of any nature, including, but not limited to, claims arising under local, state, or federal civil rights employment laws. I understand and agree that I will remain bound by these terms during and following my employment if I’m hired.

I agree that any dispute, plan, cause of action, or controversy between me and the Company (or any of its agents or employees) regarding or arising out of my application for employment, my employment termination from employment shall be resolved solely by final and binding arbitration in accordance with the American Arbitration Association’s national rules for the resolution of employment disputes in the Company’s arbitration policy. I understand that I entitled to review the Company’s arbitration policy prior to signing this document and that if I do not has to be allowed to review it I will still be bound by these terms. I understand that by agreeing to the arbitration, I waive any right to trial by jury or judge. As a class or collective action, private attorney general action or civil presentation plan.

I understand I will not be considered for employment with the Company unless I agree to these terms. I have, therefore, agreed to these terms knowingly, voluntarily, and in exchange for the Company’s consideration of my application for employment.