Operations at the Toyota Boshoku Illinois Plant, or TBIL, continue to be shutdown. TMMI, our customer, has announced they will be extending their shutdown period through Friday, April 17th. This means that TBIL will also be shutdown through Friday, April 17th. If any limited support is needed those specific Team Members will be contacted. No Team Members are to be in the Plant during this extended time period. Check back daily on this info line for updates.

The extended shutdown will not effect this week’s or next week’s payroll plans. TBA is determining the payroll options for the weeks beginning April 6th and April 13th, and have to take into account the recently changed governmental rules for both the United States & Canadian employers. Once decisions have been made, we will be reaching out to you and communicating individually by phone.

In order to better communicate with team members during this time, TBIL will post updates on this website as they are received. You are encouraged to check it often for new updates.

Please remember to continue practicing Social Distancing, washing hands often, and covering your coughs and sneezes.